Tuesday, October 18, 2005

US college campus Google Maps mashups!

, , + = Campus Mapping!

Google Maps has been used to power some cool and very useful campus mapping tools for Indiana University, UCLA and Tufts University students. This is another very interesting application for Google Maps since the street map views help to give the outline of campus buildings. With Google Maps as the base map, people are now mashing up the map with databases of housing and on-campus services. Take a look:

Indiana University campus housing - This is a mashup with housing listings from Yellowbinder.com and shows the locations of available campus housing for rent. The listings include the usual address, rate and details with a link into the Yellowbinder.com site for more information.

UCLA campus housing - This is similar to the University of Indiana mashup which uses housing listings from Yellowbinder to help users locate campus housing for UCLA.

(These are the only 2 university campus housing maps which are available from Yellowbinder currently, but I'm sure more will be added in the weeks to come.. (found [via])

Tufts University Campus Compass - I mentioned the Tufts University "Campus Compass" Google Map that was developed for students of this university and it deserves another mention as we spotlight campuses making use of Google Maps. It features detailed information about services available on-campus and allows you to toggle these services (ATMs, campus phones) as an overlay on the Google Map interface.

..Do you know of a school campus that is making use of Google Maps? Please post a comment to this post to tell others about it!
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