Thursday, March 09, 2006

Toronto, Canada Google Maps Mashup Roundup!

Here are some new and existing Google Maps mashups for the great city of Toronto, Canada:

New TTC Map - David Pritchard has extended his transit map collection to include Toronto. This new Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) mashup joins his Vancouver map to provide a comprehensive Google Maps-based transit map for the Toronto subway system.

Alkemis Local Toronto - Alkemis originally hit the scene with its New York version and has now exanded to include Toronto. Although Alkemis Local Toronto doesn't have anywhere near the NYC Alkemis bells and whistles (it should remove the non-relevant sections from the left column), it does feature traffic cams and data aggregated from, Flickr, Yahoo! Video and more. Drag your map view around the lake a bit to also find webcams for the Hamilton and Niagara region.

Photos of Toronto posted on a Google Map - has the same feel as Flickr and lets people post and tag photos overlaid on a Google Map of Toronto. The map is the thesis project of 4th year University of Toronto student Ahmed El-Khuffash. Users can signup for their own accounts, and post pictures on certain locations on the map. As it's still a work in progress Ahmed wants folks to test it out and provide feedback to him!

Toronto Portal includes Google Maps integration

A mystery in Mississauga is solved with Google Maps

Other Toronto Google Maps Mashups:
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